Why NuSpecies Natural Formulas are Unique

We would like to introduce you to a nutritional formula in which the living ingredients support your living body. Making a living product requires a rigid set of standards and higher operating costs, but NuSpecies refuses to take shortcuts. We make sure you will never fall short of meeting your body’s health needs.

Raw Vitamins:

Most vitamins are synthetic or they are chemicals devoid of the natural, organic nutrients such as amino acids and enzymes of organic chemistry. Chemicals of any kind, overtime, lead to toxins, burden the body systems and can eventually develop a diseased state in your body. NuSpecies vitamins are from whole, green foods, are raw, having amino acids and enzymes, therefore; they are potent and provide the ideal nourishment to the organs of the body.

Liquid Vitamins:

It is actually critical that the vitamins you ingest are natural and raw. If they are liquid, absorption is easy because your body has to do very little work to deliver the nutrients into the blood stream and to your cells. Pills are not digested well, especially if we are older or we have poor digestive systems. Pills and capsules can remain in the stomach and intestines and overtime become toxic chemicals.

Raw Herbal Extracts:

Our herbs are natural and organic. They’re raw because we do not process them with heat. We preserve the natural, living qualities nature provides. This also supports easy digestion because the necessary enzymes are present.

Natural Cure:

Only the body can cure itself. In the annals of organic chemistry, there is no possibility of chemicals truly curing or fixing any health conditions. Chemicals damage our tissues, causing inflammation and infections. We need to give the body the natural and raw nourishment it requires to maintain itself. Usually it is the lack of quality nutrition that leads to a diseased state. Drugs, surgeries, treatments, remedies, etc are all great for short term, life saving use. When it comes to long term chronic illness, you need to provide your body the nutritional tools it needs to do what it does best - take care of itself!

Whole food supplement: Let food by thy medicine and medicine thy food. Our botanical formulas are made from raw, whole, green foods.

Health Assessment & Custom Packages:

NuSpecies' Consultants are trained professionals. Because Chemistry and Physics are at the foundation of NuSpecies' knowledge, formulas and practices, we have thousands of very satisfied customers. NuSpecies success stories and testimonials are also the basis of NuSpecies Consultants knowledge and training. A consultation with a NuSpecies Consultant is an education in nutrition and how the body works to fix itself, from detoxing to rebuilding. We make recommendations on how the body will fix itself based on thousands of others who have been helped. If we are not knowledgable about your particular situation, it is still okay because we are not treating symptoms. We are providing formulas that are assisting your body's most fundamental and foundational functions. Since your body knows what is wrong, you can count on it to work on the problem areas once you provide it with the necessary nutritional tools. For more information about creating your own Custom Package with a NuSpecies' Health Consultant, please click on the Custom Package box above.

NuSpecies' raw, organic, natural supplements have helped clients with their sex drive (some have called our libido formulas natural viagra), cholesterol, hypertension, complimentary diabetes treatment, colon cleanse by always staying true to our whole body perspective and always using whole plant extracts.

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